Thank you for a fantastic summer!

With over 3,600 badges worked on this summer, we are proud to be a part of so many Scouting journeys. To help those Scouts who were not able to complete all of the requirements for a badge during the summer, a number of the staff from PPC Outdoor Academy have volunteered their time to help. They all work full time jobs, have families, and other commitments. Please remember that a Scout is courteous, and be patient while awaiting a response.

To submit any requirement that may need review, please email the relevent counselor as listed below. Remember to include the badge you are submitting work for, and the week that you took that badge with PPC Outdoor Academy so that your records can be updated accurately.

Citizenship in the Community

Hans Stockman

Citizenship in the Nation

Tom Kaczmarek

Citizenship in the World (if your original instructor was not Pat Hawkins)

Hans Stockman

Citizenship in the World (if your original instructor was Pat Hawkins)

Pat Hawkins

Emergency Preparedness

Pat Hawkins

Environmental Science

Tim Carroll

Family Life (Section A sessions I-V and Session VI)

Abbey Winget

Family Life (Section B sessions I-V)

Deb Reidmiller


Tim Carroll

All other badges

James Hitchings