Registered Scouts

Thank you for a fantastic summer!

With over 3,600 badges worked on this summer, we are proud to be a part of so many Scouting journeys. To help those Scouts who were not able to complete all of the requirements for a badge during the summer, a number of the staff from PPC Outdoor Academy have volunteered their time to help. They all work full time jobs, have families, and other commitments. Please remember that a Scout is courteous, and be patient while awaiting a response.

To submit any requirement that may need review, please email the relevent counselor as listed below. Remember to include the badge you are submitting work for, and the week that you took that badge with PPC Outdoor Academy so that your records can be updated accurately.

Citizenship in the Community

Hans Stockman

Citizenship in the Nation

Tom Kaczmarek

Citizenship in the World (if your original instructor was not Pat Hawkins)

Hans Stockman

Citizenship in the World (if your original instructor was Pat Hawkins)

Pat Hawkins

Emergency Preparedness

Pat Hawkins

Environmental Science

Tim Carroll

Family Life (Section A sessions I-V and Session VI)

Abbey Winget

Family Life (Section B sessions I-V)

Deb Reidmiller


Tim Carroll

All other badges

James Hitchings


Internet access is required for Scouts who take courses with PPC Outdoor Academy. Internet access offers valuable, diverse, and unique resources to both Scouts and Instructors. Instructors will utilize resources appropriate for the merit badge they are instructing. These include but are not limited to: websites, videos, audio clips, and pictures. Online access to Google Classroom and video conferencing software must be used in a responsible, safe, efficient, ethical, and legal manner. Scouts must have a microphone and camera capabilities on their device of choice. An important objective of the PPC Outdoor Academy is to provide a learning climate which assists Scouts in presenting themselves in a manner that promotes a positive and productive online environment, personal pride, and advancement success.

The following guidelines cover what is expected of Scouts in our online learning environment.

  • Scouts are responsible for appropriate behavior while in the PPC Outdoor Academy merit badges, just as they are in the camp environment. Always use a computer in a way that shows consideration and respect. You are not to use obscene, profane, threatening, or disrespectful language.

  • Integrity and authenticity of Scout work is something that we take very seriously at the PPC Outdoor Academy. Do not cut, copy, or plagiarize Internet content or the work of your peers. Instructors can utilize technologies that check for authenticity of Scout work. Copying the work of others, allowing others to knowingly copy your work, and/or misusing content from the Internet could result in your removal from our courses.

  • It is encouraged that your Scout be set up in a location free of distractions.

  • A camera must be on, with the Scout’s face showing on screen. They also need to display their name (i.e. Michael Camp or Mike, not mcgamerman) on the screen while in a session. This also assists us in ensuring authenticity of Scout work.

  • Email communication with Instructors and peers need to be professional and appropriate in nature.

  • Scouts’ written and oral communications must be free of vulgar, belittling, or offensive language, or any other forms of bullying.

  • Scouts must abide by rules, policies, and procedures established by the course instructor.

  • Scouts and Parents are not permitted to record/screenshot/share sessions. Instructors are not permitted to record sessions.

  • The BSA Youth Protection policy requires an 18 year old or older Leader or parent be present on all telephone calls and emails. Please ensure a Scout abides by this rule before they contact their instructors or academy administrators.

In addition- parents are encouraged to remain off screen and not intrude on the sessions. Parents are welcome to listen in on sessions if desired. If a parent has a question, please email the instructor or Camp Director at your convenience. Please keep in mind that although our instructors would enjoy interacting with parents, they often have a session they need to begin immediately following your Scout’s session.

Scouts who violate the virtual classroom rules of conduct will be:

1. Warned by the instructor

2. Parent will be contacted by the Camp Director and a warning will be issued in writing

3. The Scout will be removed from the merit badge session completely

All participants, parents, instructors, and administrators are expected to abide by the Scout Oath and Law in all interactions with one another. By doing so, all incidents of misconduct can be avoided.

Please be advised that upon entering the Google Classroom through the PPC Outdoor Academy program, you are providing consent to the PPC Outdoor Academy Code of Conduct and Talent Release consent for photographs of the sessions to be used for promotional purposes.

You are consenting to both upon entering the Google Classroom.


Google Classroom invites are sent the Tuesday prior to your Scout’s merit badge sessions. It is imperative that your Scout log into the Classroom by Thursday evening to ensure they are able to log in. This will give our technology support team time before the week’s end to assist your Scout in accessing Google Classroom.


The links to join a Google Meet will be posted in the stream for the Google Classroom at the beginning of the merit badge session. Make sure you check that you are using the most current Meet link each class.


It is very important to the learning process, that your Scout attends all merit badge sessions on time. As a rule of thumb, your Scout should enter the session a few minutes prior to the start time so they are ready to get started. When a Scout does not enter a Meet within the first 10 minutes, the instructor will let the Academy administration know and we will begin making phone calls and sending emails.


If your Scout needs to miss a session, please email the instructor through Google Classroom. It is the Scout’s responsibility to contact the instructor to determine if missed work can be completed.


Our instructors are looking forward to getting to know your Scouts. In order to attach a name to a face please have your Scout log in to Google Classroom using their own email address. Please make sure that the name attached to the email account is the Scouts name.


For our staff to assess a Scout’s knowledge and participation in a merit badge, it is critical that your Scout has their camera and microphone on. If we are unable to see your Scout on screen, it is difficult to accurately assess if your Scout is focused and involved in the merit badge session. It is our goal to ensure Scouts are earning their advancements through their hard work. We take great pride in knowing that when your Scout earns a merit badge from the PPC Outdoor Academy as well as from Camp Somers, it was earned with integrity.

If you have questions or concerns regarding sessions or our program, please email and If you have any questions or challenges with registrations, please email Richard.hawkins@scouting,org. You can reach us via phone as well if preferred: Amanda Landwehlre- Camp Director (973)765-9322 ext. 418 or Richard Hawkins- Technical Director (973)765-9322 ext. 225

*Please note due to restrictions set within school district’s domains, a Scout will most likely not be able to access PPC Outdoor Academy using a school provided Google account (e.g.